Written by Connor Brown
on December 06, 2018

The Facebook ads setup is an excellent way to boost your leads and sales. So much so, that many marketers consider Facebook advertising a key component in their digital presence. For everything such as building a community, getting and boosting leads, and converting to sales, re-marketing is essential. 

Is it actually generating leads or just boosting vanity metrics such as page likes and impressions?


If you’re looking at getting real ROI from your ad spend on Facebook you’re in the right place.


In this article, you’re going to learn how to set up your ad campaigns within Facebook (the same way we do it!) that allows us to generate real leads and results for our clients in Perth. It’s simple enough to do but takes a little more time and effort - well worth it if you’re serious about getting more leads through Facebook.


How Re-marketing Works

First, we’ll walk through how most Facebook ad campaigns are set up. Sales follows a process of escalation from the first point of contact to when they’re ready to buy from you. Commonly called a sales funnel.


To reach the bottom of the funnel and make a purchase a potential customer will need to take a series of steps, and at each step, you are bound to lose people. People can drop off after that first click and spark of interest, this can happen for many reasons, maybe they weren't ready to buy or they were just busy.


It’s important to remember that ads on Facebook are disruptive and not many people will be ready to buy the first time that they click on your ad - but they signalled to you that they have seen something they like the look of.


So if people don’t buy on the first click, how do we get them back and move them down the sales funnel? RE-MARKETING!


What is Re-marketing

If you don’t know how re-marketing works, it basically allows you to keep track of the people who have visited your website. Then target those people those people with relevant ads to encourage them to revisit your site and take the next step down your sales funnel.


Here is an example of re-marketing in the wild

I recently used the free keyword research tool from WordStream and their re-marketing ads are encouraging me to take the next step down their sales funnel by consuming some gated content (content which I would receive in exchange for my email address).

wordstream remarketing


The great thing about using re-marketing in your Facebook advertising campaigns is that there’s a relatively easy setup. In a short amount of time, you’ll have an effective way of communicating with people who have already raised their hand to say they’re interested in what you have to offer.


The best thing you can do is remind those people of what first sparked their interest and speak to them in a way that reminds them of why they got excited in the first place. This is what re-marketing does and it’s a super effective way to boost your leads and sales.

How Re-marketing Can Improve Your ROI

Paid advertising is getting crowded online which is leading to increasing costs. Businesses are spending more and more money at trying to land a new customer in a single click, and then moving on.


While it may be spectacular to hit the ball for six, in most cases, those who get their eye in and build an innings, end up scoring more often and higher over time.


What this really means is that by re-marketing to those hand-raisers and following up with them you can increase your conversion rate and improve your ROI from your Facebook campaigns while boosting your leads and sales.

Where To Use Re-marketing

You’ll want to focus your re-marketing on where there is the most opportunity in a sales funnels that you trust. If you’re paying to run traffic into an opt-in or sales page that converts poorly you’re throwing more money at an inefficient system.


You can measure opportunity by using the re-marketing lists that you’re able to build through Facebook's advertising platform. They can give you insights and help you to make more informed decisions when it comes to setting up your Facebook campaigns.


And re-marketing is especially powerful on Facebook. Historically, the cost for re-marketing ads on FB is way cheaper than the cost for clicks to cold traffic. Cheaper clicks & warm traffic results in high ROI campaigns and more customers flowing into your business.


The Ads Setup Proven To Boost Your Leads & Sales

I’m going to walk you through a basic example of how you might set up your basic promotional campaign to capture cold traffic and the complementary re-marketing campaign to recapture and convert any prospects which didn’t convert the first time around.


It’s important that you lay out your sales funnel so that you can identify who you’re going to re-market to at each point in your sales funnel.


E.g. If you're having a sale on green widgets, you might drive your cold traffic to your ‘Sales/Offer’ page which contains an offer, then once they have added a green widget to their Cart and purchased, they are directed to a ‘Thank You’ page. The sales funnel looks like so;


Sale Page:

Cart Page:

Thank You Page:


This is a short sales funnel but the process can include several additional steps, you’ll want to create a Facebook audience for the people who got stuck at each step of your sales funnel. We can then re-market to them with greater context and relevant content.


To do that, the audience should include everyone who reached a certain URL, then exclude everyone who reached the URL of the next stage of the funnel. If we target everyone who reached the Sales page, but who didn’t reach the Cart page, then we’ll see how many people got “stuck” on that step of the funnel.

remarketing example 1

Then if we target everyone who reached the Cart page, but who didn’t reach the ‘Thank You’ page, then we’ll see how many people got “stuck” on that step of the funnel.

remarketing example 2

It’s important that you name the audience based on the action they didn’t complete so that at a glance you understand where they are at in your sales funnel.

remarketing example 3

Once you have created your audience they will begin to populate as the pixel you have installed on the relevant pages begins to record visitors and segment them appropriately. Once your audience size reaches 1000 you can re-market to them and get them back into your sales funnel.


180 days is the maximum amount of time visitors can remain in your audience but for a shorter sales cycle or greater volume, you can reduce this amount of time to give yourself more visibility into the performance of your sales funnel.

Take Action

Look at your sales funnel with the largest opportunity, that drives the most leads and sales for your business, go through the process to determine where they’re dropping off, and re-market to the people who are getting stuck at that step.


That’s the way to make sure you boost your leads and sales, by capitalising on an audience which otherwise you may have otherwise missed out on, and getting the absolute best bang for your re-marketing buck. Then continue to repeat the process for additional funnel steps to separate sales funnels whenever you can.


In this article, I’ve outlined a process you can use to set up your Facebook ads campaigns and sales funnel to create the most opportunity for re-marketing.


But simply knowing the process is only half the battle. The next step is the gritty process of actually crafting an effective sales funnel complete with a high-converting sales page, eye-catching ads and the rest.


We may cover this in the future, but if you’re interested in boosting your leads and sales through online marketing Caffeinate Digital helps you do exactly that, I recommend getting in touch with our team and take advantage of our free consultation.


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