Written by Connor Brown
on July 26, 2019

Is your blog struggling to get subscribers or drive enquiry? Don't worry, you're not alone. Content marketing and blogging is becoming a big part of businesses marketing plan. So it's only right that businesses have questions regarding tips for successful blogging. 


You spend hours researching & writing awesome posts with no payoff. If you’re struggling to grow your blog, or you feel it isn’t moving the needle, follow our five tips for successful blogging.


Tip 1: Don’t treat your blog like it's your whole business


A blog is a marketing channel, not a product or a service people can buy.


To pick up subscribers, your blog needs to deliver value in advance and make a relevant offer to your target audience.


Your blog is a way to make people aware of the products and services your business offers. It falls into the engagement step of the Customer Value Journey.


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Think about what you can offer people. Then use your blog as a means to make your relevant offer to your target audience who have raised their hands by viewing your content.


Consider including a CTA in your blog like the slide-in CTA from Search Engine Journal’s blog…


Don’t get too excited by vanity metrics such as likes, views or comments on your blog. Successful blogging doesn't always come back to these. Instead, its primary function is to educate and engage your audience so they will want to take the next step...

Tip 2: Tell your readers what to do next


If you categorise successful blogging as a way to push leads through your sales funnel, then this should be your aim. Meaning, if you want subscribers and leads from your blog, you need to make a relevant offer.  Present them an irresistible incentive, offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information (A Lead Magnet).


A clear call to action, telling readers their next steps should be to take you up on your offer is SUPER important.


If you want subscribers and potential customers, then your blog NEEDS a Lead Magnet that calls out to your audience and offers them specific value if they take the next step.


When you tell someone you will solve a specific problem they have in exchange for their email, then you have a compelling reason for them to subscribe.


A Screen Shot from a marketing web page directing people to take an action


Once you’ve gathered their contact information, give your subscribers relevant offers to products/services you sell. So, in this sense, subscribers and leads are the same thing.

Tip 3: Create a landing page can measure your successful blogging


But it’s not enough to have Lead Magnets on your blog, your Lead Magnet should have their own dedicated landing page and I’ll tell you why...


There is a HUGE difference in conversion rate between traffic that is driven to a homepage or blog post and traffic driven to a landing page.


We’re talking as low as a 1% conversion rate on a homepage or blog post and upwards of 60% conversion rate on a landing page. This is because a landing page only has two choices: opt-in or leave.


Landing page from the link in the blog directing people to fill in details


Far fewer distractions.


Now, don’t remove your button or banner opt-ins on your blog post pages. It will not convert at the same success rate as a dedicated landing page. So, use both, and generate more leads!


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Tip 4: Buy traffic


Traffic is the lifeblood of any online venture, meaning traffic can dictate if you're successful blogging. The success of an online activity greatly depends on the amount of traffic you can generate, this is fact.


It can be difficult for your blog to be at the top of the pile, especially if you’re targeting high-value or highly-competitive topics. In cases such as this, traffic can be generated from PPC campaigns.


You target specific keywords & topics through Google Ads which are based on search terms. Or you can target interests through Facebook based on user activity.


Once you’ve built Lead Magnets and landing pages, you want to buy traffic and drive it directly to your blog, or to one of your offer landing pages.


You will gain more leads, at a far quicker rate, when you buy traffic, allowing you to scale.


Fill the top of your funnel with new visitors and drive them to content rather than an offer. Then retarget the traffic once they have segmented themselves by picking which content to view.

Tip 5: Use retargeting 


When people come to your site and consume your content they are effectively raising their hand and saying they’re interested in this topic.


Through the contact information you’ve gathered from your Lead Magnets and by pixeling the traffic which has visited your blog pages, people who have shown interest in your blog content can be retargeted.


Create Audiences within Facebook Ads Manager. This segments your blog visitors by topic and you’ll have an accurate count of how many people are interacting with your content and which content is most popular.


Creating a spreadsheet of the blog content you have created and the associated keywords and topics is an effective way of organising your online campaigns.


Retargeting is very effective because it keeps your brand top of mind and reminds people of the quality content and offers you have.


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In conclusion, start by working your way down the list. Implementing these tips will help you generate more leads, subscribers, and ultimately, revenue.


If you think successful blogging is easy, then we'd love to hear from you. Because from our experience, getting all of your ducks in a row can be time consuming, with little initial results. However, by working at it, you can grow your success at blogging and kickstart your business as a true juggernaut. This is through using your blog as a lead magnet and implementing the tips we have above. 


Do you think that blogging could could be the key to your success? Book a meeting with us and we will identify the one thing that could kickstart your business


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